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Business advisory services;

  1. As the world, especially the business world, experienced disruption, things came to a standstill. But despite the initial shock, businesses quickly realigned. Moving swiftly we collaborated with our many partners and proactively found innovative ways of conducting business. As scientists and business visionaries have been forewarning us, with the impact of climate change, even more, such drastic disruptions are bound to happen, more frequently.We are always up for any challenge. Our global network, regional and local experience and passion for best practices have helped placed Kankya Tax Consultants ltd in a position from which we can provide the most suitable, optimal Business Advisory services in Uganda and East Africa at large.
    • Business & Financial Advisory
    • Risk & Performance Advisory
    • Valuation and Transaction Support

It’s never too early to have a plan for the future of your business

Decision-making during a major business transition without the right advisors can adversely impact your wealth. Whether your business is a multi-generational family enterprise or an investment vehicle, we can assist you with the selling process holistically and help you navigate succession planning, company valuation and other issues, from preparation through closing.


“Nearly one-third of businesses taken to market fail to sell.”

Pepperdine Private Capital Markets Project



Knowing you have someone you can trust helping you through the complex sales process can be of great value. Whether acting as an advisor or trustee, Kankya Tax consultants ltd can address your overall business plan along with any issues affecting company value prior to going to market.