To provide high quality accounting services and tax advisory services to our clients

  1. We provide complete consultancy on taxation and book keeping services for small businesses
  2. We save you and your company alot of money in terms of penalties and fraudulent activities from your employees.
  3. Corporate tax consultation plays a great role in the growth of companies
  4. Assistance in obtaining tax registration (TIN)
  5. Understanding the tax laws and regulations relevant to your business and industry
  6. Filling all tax returns before deadlines
  7. Mantaining proper records for tax audit purposes
  8. Working out the correct tax liabilities
  9. Avoiding fines and penalities from the Uganda revenue authority


We work with experienced tax lecturers and experts to deal with various aspects of taxation in Uganda. Our advisory services can be quite comprehensive and can cover a wide range of businesses and personal situations covering;

  • PAYE, payroll services in uganda
  • Value added tax (VAT) Services
  • Corporation tax services
  • Personal tax services for employed persons, individuals and self employed persons
  • Tax planning in Uganda
  • Tax return preparation and filing
  • Tax consulting
  • Tax audit representation
  • Payroll services and setup
  • Budgeting
  • Book keeping
  • Internal control management
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